Men's Unstitched Suits Pack Of 3 - Multi

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  • These are the best wholesale rates you can ever found. The quality is great and best for your use and to gift your loved ones. Each suit is carefully packed under polythene sheets.
  • Quantity is limited. Rush to Buy. Price includes 17% tax. No extra taxes charged. You wont repent after buying these as you are getting 3 complete shalwar kameez suits.
  • 3 Complete Shalwar Kameez Suits for Rs 1099/- Only.
  • Available in assorted colors. Don't worry, the colors are always attractive and we always deliver new stock.

  • Fabric: Wash & Wear (Polyester)

  • Dimension: 4 Meters x 1.33 Meters (Each Suit)

  • Shipping Weight: 1050 gm
  • Wholesale Prices, Exclusively at Chase Value Centre.

  • 14 Days Return Policy.


Note: Each Suit is equivalent to 7 Meter Suit due to its greater width. Don't give a second thought just Buy and Enjoy.

Barcode : A16740

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