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Yanzhimei Eye & Lip Makeup Remover WP - 200ml

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Yanzhimei Eye & Lip Makeup Remover WP

Usage: Before using, shake it thoroughly to mixing. Pour a proper amount on cotton pad and from the inside to wipe the skin gently. Pressing the eye and lip makeup area for 10 seconds, after the makeup is dissolved, then remove the makeup and rinse off with water.


  • If accidentally get into the eyes, please rinse with water in time.
  • For external use, please keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental eating.
  • Because each person's skin is different, skin test can be done on the inside of the arm and behind the ear before use.
  • If there is any discomfort during-us please suspend use.
  • Do not place this product in a place exposed to high temperatures, low temperatures and direct sunlight.

Barcode: A38853

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