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Ruby Face Starter Makeup Brush 5 Pcs Kit (SF05)

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Ruby Face Starter Makeup Brush 5 Pcs Kit

Concealer Brush: Use the concealer brush to apply touches of the product on circles with the tapered side, and then blend it by tapping gently.
Pro Tip: Can be used to apply corrector.

Powder Brush: Use the powder brush to apply powder with large and circular movements, moving from the center of the face outwards.
Pro Tip: Can be used to apply bronzing powder.

Blush Brush: Use the blush brush to apply your blush on the top of cheekbones sweeping lightly upwards to the temples, smile to emphasize the optimal zone to color.
Pro Tip: Can be used for the contouring technique.

Eye-shadow Brush: Use the eye-shadow brush to apply your shadow by tapping over the entire upper id.
Pro Tip: For a more dramatic look, use the brush tip to apply eye-shadow in the crease.

Brow Brush: Use the brow brush to apply small dashes of powder or cream product from the arch to the brow tail, then from brow head to arch.
Pro Tip: Can also be used to apply eyeliner.

Barcode: A39053

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