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Ruby Face Makeup Sponge 3 Pcs Set (SP03)

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Ruby Face Makeup Sponge 3 Pcs Set


Especially for the corners on face . The top fits eyes , eyelash , and deep on face . And the botton fits the curve of face . This is the best puff . It can control the foundation , and make it smooth on face .

No Latex , Allergen & Gluten Free , Keep Skin Healthy

  • It has no latex so that it fits all kinds of skin
  • It has V - E and keeps the water in skin
  • Oil proof and keep skin healthy
  • Hydrophilia and easy to turn back to shape
  • Polymer Technology makes puff
  • Smooth and durable

 It Fits Pressed Powder , Cream Stick , The Top Fits Concealer

For fine and difficult to take into account the facial area. Its tpSuitable for deep eyelids eyelashes has skin texture. And It's Tall end can be a good fit with the contours of the face and wanted to sure

Said : not the usual liquid foundation sponge.

Barcode: A39051