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Huda Beauty 5D Eye Lash (JM-010)

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Huda Beauty 5D Eye Lash (JM-010)

Directions for use:

  1. Carefully remove the lashes from platform with tweezers.
  2. Compare lash length with natural eye-line length. If necessary cut off-excess to conform with your own length. Apply glue to the edge of the eyelash.
  3. Starting directly above the root line of your own lashes apply the lash to your eyelid with light pressure. Then make sure that both comers are pressed into place. Mascara may be used to blend the lashes with your natural ones.

Caution: Not suitable for young children. Don't rub or scratch your eyes while wearing false eyelashes. If glue should go in eyes, please rinse the eyes thoroughly with water. A patch test should always be carried out before using.

Barcode: A39090