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Eyebrow Razor - Pink

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Eyebrow Razor

ABS handle, Stainless steel blade


  1. Put a warm towel over your ayes to open pores.
  2. Remove the unnecessary eyebrow (at the end of eyebrow and on the eyelid) along the growth direction.
  3. After trimming, apply emulsion or cream to moisturize skin.

The blade is sharp, please use with care. Wipe the cutter with clean tissue after use.


  • Remove eyebrow from fine parts with ultra mini blade.
  • The razor head is attached with protective membrane for avoiding horizontal shaving.
  • When shaving at L shape, please shave upwards or downwards along the eyebrow growth direction.
  • When shaving at Tshape, please hold the handle horizontally and shave at left and right direction.

Barcode: A21527

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