El’Lora – A Beauty Brand Offering the Most Exclusive Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, and More

In the beauty world of Pakistan, there are countless brands with their respective product lines. But when customers tend to buy them, they either have to break the bank or just left empty-handed. El’Lora is launched with a different concept of helping its customers with budget-friendly beauty products. Currently, it has come up with three skincare items. Following is the brief description for each of them:

El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion

    It is seen that skin moisturizers hardly come handy in Pakistan. But El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion is something different. It features four lotions with their individual properties so you can pick any as per your preferences. Plus, El’Lora offers the most affordable prices in Pakistan which allows you to reach them very easily. Perfect for normal to dry skin, El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion is a go-to choice for men and women, both.

    El’Lora Aloe Vera Gel

      Formulated with 99% Aloe Vera, this soothing gel moisturizes and soothes the skin. In addition to that, it contains other multiple benefits for skin. From which, repairing sun damaged skin, dimming freckles, controlling oil, shrinking pores, and whitening skin are a few to mention. Just take an ample amount and apply on the dry skin after a basic skin care routine.

      El’Lora Face Wash

        El’Lora Face Wash is currently available in two varieties (i) El’Lora Laser Light Whitening Face Wash (ii) El’Lora Activated Charcoal Double Action Face Wash. The core purpose of both is deep cleansing and keep skin pores free from oil, dirt, and pollution. Apply gently on the wet face and neck, massage with your fingertips (avoiding eye area), and rinse off with lukewarm water. Use regularly for effective results.

        Where and How to Buy?

        El’Lora beauty products are exclusively available on If you want to buy, just place an order online and get an instant delivery at your doorstep. Furthermore, El’Lora price in Pakistan lies in the range of Rs.99 – Rs.299 so you can look for different items at extremely reasonable rates. 

        Order now to enjoy an exceptional online shopping experience with us.