Tips for Picking Jewellery for a Desi Wedding

As the wedding season is upon us, one got to attend a wedding almost once a week. If not that much, twice a month is legit. And with respect to that, we all want to style up the best every time. Whether you are a basic chic or like to break the rules, there are still some tips deserve musings. And today, we give a little guideline on how to accessorize and accentuate an overall wedding look.  Read on below:

  • Consider Your Dress’s Neckline

First off, consider this point if you are opting for a necklace with your dress.

Always make sure to pick jewellery pieces that help your dress’s neckline do its job framing your face cut. This is the reason for dress processes first, and then comes the jewellery. For round scoop necks, stiff shaped necklaces are perfect. While if you’re wearing boat necklines with minimal embellishment, bib necklaces should be the thing to go. And for those who are into v-necklines, nothing could be accurate than a choker necklace.

womens jewellery set

And then there are some pieces that are the best with round scoop and boat necks both.

  • Do Not Overdo

We understand that bauble and bling is always a woman’s eye-candy. But that never means they go overboard. Attempt to pick women’s jewellery that compliments the overall look. Remember and stick through the mantra of “less is more.” If some piece is not going well, overlook them, ignore them. Rather go classy than accessorizing everything in stack.

womens earrings online

Sometimes, two gorgeous American Diamond Ear Tops are enough to slay.

  • Get A Single Statement Piece

When a dazzling heavy dress is a pick for the day, one statement jewellery piece will add value like nothing else. Let’s suppose that you have decided to wear a large pendant with matching earrings that’ll complement the dress, ditch headpiece or vice versa. This way, you’ll save yourself from clashing the look. In such cases, try to minimize the heavy pieces from your jewellery.

womens necklace jewellery


When added to your dress, this American Diamond Set steals the show.

  • Bling-Bling With Bangles

Investing in some fancy bangles (Kangan) saves you from making the damage over and over again. With lightly fancied clothes, a set of two or four fancy bangles will win it. Look up for women’s artificial jewellery and you’ll find a wide range of aesthetics to add in your collection.

womens finger rings

If you are in quest some quality jewellery for brides, it is one of the apt choices to make.


Though all women are sensible enough when it comes to fashion accessories, there are still minor details one may miss out. It is when these tips may come handy and won’t let you lose the uniqueness of your personality on special events.

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