Skin Care Hacks to Save Yourself This Winter

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Winter season is one of the hardest times of year where a lot of us suffer different skin problems, which include dryness, flakiness, dullness, and (above all) breakouts. And ultimately zits are stubborn enough to take a holiday. However different dermatologists have already suggested to use skin care products that deal with these concerns, here are also some good-to-know skin care tips to prepare yourselves ahead of time. 


  • Choose body moisturizers usually come in tubs or jars rather than bottle with pumps:

Though it is not the case always, but thick and heavy moisturizers like creams come in tubs more often than not. They contain more oil than the water content and hence leave your skin more hydrating than anything else (which is great in low temperatures). So the point is thick formula hardly feed into a pump.

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  • Add oil to your daily hydrate routine:

Coconut oil has a number of skin and hair benefits. But if your skin is sensitive enough to cause breakouts, argan oil is the best alternative. And for those who are still nervous to put oil directly on skin, mixing it with your regular emollient may help.

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  • Take an oatmeal bath:

Itchy skin is one of the common problems, which irritates the most. To help you with that, an oatmeal bath always feels nice. Get a cup of plain oatmeal, grind it in a blender to the texture of a fine powder. Now just add it to the warm water to be used for a refreshing bath. Oatmeal is the best therapy for calming inflammation and soothing itchy winter skin.

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  • Use a cream with “barrier repair” or “restore” on the label:

Due to over-exfoliating, harsh chemicals of the soap you use, or the skin-stripping acne products, etc. your skin barrier is often compromised – it weakens and even cracks. And if such thing happens, bacteria enter the tiny cracks of skin and take away all the moisture causing irritation.

Figure out if your skin is compromised when it is peeling or flaky bits are noticed. By going online shopping in Pakistan, find a product that comes with words like “barrier repair” or “restore” on the label to fix this issue. It helps your skin replenish the lost moisture and bring back its glow.

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  • Use a physical or mechanical exfoliator:

It is likely to exfoliate your skin physically (rather than chemical exfoliation) to remove dry, dead, and flaky skin that may be hanging around. Use a washcloth in circular motions (an effective and no-to-harsh method) to gently scrub away the dry patches from your face.

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  • Make your personal lip scrub with kitchen ingredients:

What even may work better than a DIY lip scrub for dry and flaky lips in winter? Get a mild amount of coconut oil, honey, and raw sugar to make a mixture. Now, with the help of your fingertips, apply this blend on your lips in circular motions. After a while, just wipe it off with a warm washcloth and apply a quality lip balm afterward.

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  • Mix a liquid illuminator or highlighter into your moisturizer:

If your complexion gets dull with dropping temperature, this is a hack for you. Simply add a tiny drop of shimmer into your face moisturizer and apply it on your skin to let it breathe and glow nicely.

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  • Wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser:

While washing your face, use a moisturizing cleanser for you should not apply heavy and break-out causing moisturizers on top of your skin. And if your skin is allergic to fragrances, pick ones saying “fragrance-free.” This way, synthetic fragrances won’t cause any further irritation to your acne-prone skin.

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  • Mix acne products with your face lotion:

A lot of acne products cause dryness to your skin. So, while applying an acne treatment serum, it is advised to mix your face lotion with it. This way, you are able to treat breakouts without drying skin. Bonus: The process of getting ready also speeds up since you don’t have to wait for the serum to dry before applying a moisturizer.

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