List of Categories That You Can Make the Most at Chase Value Centre

Amongst all the leading department stores in Pakistan, Chase Value Centre holds a significant position. Since you are aware of the “quality products at wholesale prices” policy, you should also know the categories that turn out to a true win-win. Today, we are sharing a list of such categories that you must not miss out. Let’s begin:

  1. Women’s Fabric:

A wide range of brands are featured under this category. Some of those have already earned a token of goodwill in the market and hence showcase their products on our website too. A big PLUS of buying women’s suits from here is you are entitled to avail some valuable deals. Sahil, Rangreza, Eminent, Libas, Tawakkal Fabrics, and Rana Arts Collection are a few brands to name.

  1. Women’s Undergarments

Though undergarments is one top-rated category at our store, women’s undergarments tend to generate a phenomenal sale throughout the year. From women’s bras to panties, camisoles, nightwear, and many more items are offered. Also since a wide range of sizes and designs are available from your favorite brands like IFG, Be-Belle, and Eminent, there isn’t no need to bother about material quality. And yes, all of this at a very minimal price.

  1. Women’s Handbags

To keep all essential along with, women always need to carry a handbag everywhere they go. Ever since women’s handbags are considered as one important part of their wardrobe, it needs to be stylish. So here you find some really amazing quality handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, and a lot more at a reasonable price.

  1. Newborns

For parents of newborns, there is an entire category designed to meet your baby needs. From clothes to diapers, carry cots, sleeping bags, feeding products, shoes, accessories, and what not – everything is available. It is your haven where all quality products are offered at a very low price. Take a step to enjoy an effortless and frugal parenting from today. Explore here.

  1. Shoes

A quite diversified range of footwear is available for everyone. Whether you are looking for formal or casual, all kinds of shoes are available for men, women, and kids. You’ll not only find them stylish, but also are comfortable enough to make a part of your regular wear. Women’s pumps, slippers, sandals, high-heels; men’s formal shoes, casual shoes, sandals and slippers; and kids’ shoes for little feet are made part of the inventory here.    

  1. Men’s Fashion

When we talk about fashion, men are often left out. And it should not go like this anymore. Hence, the category of men’s fashion comes with a wide product line. Here, you’ll find shalwar kameez, shirts, pants, coats, undergarments, shorts, grooming products, accessories, and many more. Just explore through the category, and you’ll get to know a variety of products that you have been in need of are already sorted here.

  1. Home and Décor

When it comes to home and décor, the sense of lavishness comes to mind – which is not true. Basically, it refers to making a place aesthetically pleasing and functional for the people living in. So what you can get here includes all of it. For instance, bed sheets, doormats, crockery, wall clocks, air fresheners are the sub-divisions of this category.

  1. Cosmetics

This category is particularly diversified into many sub-categories. From make-up products to skin care, toiletries, fragrances, and hair care products; a lot of products are featured here. Not just that, you can also take advantage of different promotions to get value for your hard earned money. In addition, some well-known brands like El’Lora and Saeed Ghani proudly showcase their products too. Amazing, isn’t it? Explore them all and visit our website here.

  1. Kids’ Clothes

Whether it is regular wear or for some festivities, kids’ clothes are always of primary significance for us. We offer all kinds of clothes for both boys and girls. Shalwar kameez, pants, shirts, frocks, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, shoes, and even undergarments, we got you covered with all basic and fashionable kids’ clothes. Browse through the entire category and find all items available at a wholesale price.

  1. Electronics

In this age, technology is very much involved in our daily lives. If it is entertainment, communication, housing, or etc. a lot of electronic items are a part of our everyday needs. So what you may find in this category includes a variety of home appliances, hair styling accessories, mobile accessories, and more. All the products are featured from well-known brands so the quality is guaranteed.

This is not it. You can also explore a lot of other categories on our website. Get your hands on everything you need at an amazing price available only at CHASE VALUE CENTRE.


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