How to Take Care of Your Winter Skin in Pakistan

Looks like it is that time of year again when your skin faces some real challenges like flaking, peeling, chapping, and cracking. It gets worst when we struggle to achieve a perfect makeup look. Hence, it goes without saying that winter gives our skin such tough time that we can’t even. Amen? However, there is no need to worry since we have some instructions set in place to help you with a soft and smooth skin all season long. So what you need to do is discussed below:

Upgrade Your Moisturizer

    The way you switch your seasonal wardrobes, it is always a good idea to shift between moisturizing formulas as well. It is understandable that light weight lotions don’t meet the purpose in winter, hence you need to bump it up a notch. Opt for an emollient that is typically more moisturizing than the one you use for summer skin. While selecting skin care products for winter, make sure to pick a rich moisturizer containing hydrating and healing properties like botanical extracts, shea butter, lipid rich oils, and antioxidants (such as Vitamin E).

    Don’t Skip Sunscreen, SPF, Sun Protection

      Though we mostly keep our bodies covered in winter, it doesn’t mean that sun rays can’t reach us. There are a lot of skin creams having sunscreen built-in, make sure to use the suitable one on regular basis. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, and SPF of 30 or higher works perfectly. Otherwise, the one with a rating of 15 will also make a good decision for your skin.

      Take Shorter Showers

        However it doesn’t sound good, hot showers in winter leave our skin crying out for moisture. So, whenever you plan to soak in steam and have a fresh bath, prefer lukewarm water and pat your skin with a towel afterward. In addition, follow up a quick layer of moisturizer from head to toe to prevent dryness and flaking.


          No matter if it is winter or summer, exfoliation is very important. When you follow the rule, it won’t only slough away the dead skin cells, but also help the fresh skin absorbing moisturizers quicker and more effectively. Keep a gentle exfoliating scrub in your bathroom vanity and use it once or twice a week. Since your body also need it liberally, make sure to give yourself a head-to-toe scrub!

          Keep chapstick handy

            Keep a chapstick handy at all times. You need to moisturize your chapped lips more often no matter where you are. For wonderful results, get your hands on the ones infused with natural oils such as coconut or argan oil. They are an instant relief-provider.

            These common tips work for any kind of skin everywhere. Particularly, if you are spending winter in Pakistan, consider our suggestions to feel comfy in your skin throughout the season.

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