All Reasons to Get Excited About Eid-ul-Azha Every Year

Right after Eid-ul-Fitr, everyone awaits Eid-ul-Azha (following in just two and a half months). This Eid is majorly known for the mouth-watering meals of sacrifice which we enjoy on all our three-day holidays. It is one of the most sacred event in our timeline to perform Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi with high spirits. Where Muslims all over the world celebrate their faith by sacrificing a healthy animal in the name of Allah, there is a new proactivity and an excitement for the occasion in Pakistan every year. Here is a list of few things that get us excited for Eid-ul-Azha.


Visits to Mandi

Different “mandis” go all lit. Since it is the season for merchants, they are 24/7 dealing with bargains of everyone who visits. Be it a casual visitor or someone who actually wants to make a purchase, they take active part in each debate to earn maximum profit. In the hustle bustle of different admirers in mandi, everyone has a desire to take selfies with beautiful animals.


Walks around the Area with Your Animal

It is a show-off time when you have finally welcomed the sacrificial animal at home. You take them on occasional strolls until the Eid day arrives finally. Because who doesn’t like garnering praises?


Taking pictures with your Bakra/Gaye/Dumba

You are definitely going to miss your beloved animal after its slaughter. But after all, it is the true essence of this Eid – sacrifice on the orders of God. So, it is crucial to take as many pictures with it as possible and have a look at them as a reminiscence afterward.


Indulging in with Fresh Kaleji

While you are overwhelming with the sorrow, the stoves have already been set up for the fresh kaleji to cook. That tempting aroma gets hard to resist, especially if you are the one having fast.


Distribution, Charity, and Storage of Meat

Let’s not forget neighbors, needy, and poor on this holy event. Distribution and charity of meat amongst them is an act of generosity that gives an eternal pleasure. Simultaneously, a quotient is stored to enjoy delicious meaty foods at home too.


Barbecue Parties with Family and Friends

After all the chores, comes the BBQ party time which we usually celebrate on the third day of Eid. Barbecue grills, skewers, charcoal, and meat, you collect the basic accessories from everywhere possible to make the most of this feast. If you may want, there is an amazing range of barbecue grills in Pakistan available. Get the best prices by shopping online here.

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