5 Things to Do on Pakistan’s Independence Day

Pakistan’s Independence Day is just around the corner. And it is one of those days when we tend to celebrate our freedom from British rule. 14th August has been marked as an auspicious event in the history of Pakistan, and Pakistanis showcase their love and passion for the country from all across the world. Though there are different ways to show off your patriotism and vigor for the beloved country, we are sharing a few ideas to help you make the most of it this year.


Dress up all Green and White

As the independence month is at its horizon, markets are filled with everything green. Flags, t-shirts, kurtis, badges, wristbands, and many more items are made available to overwhelm your spirit of patriotism. Particularly, 14th August t-shirts and kurtis seem quite trending this year. Make sure to dress up all green and white. Not just that, but also make your family and friends do the same to show off their love for the country.


Decorate Your Home and Streets in Colors of Pakistan

Markets are also overloaded with the decoration stuff. You can get engaged with the young ones to fill your place with all the reviving colors of independence. Buntings, balloons, ribbons, street lights, banners, and door hangers are some of items that can be used for the purpose. Don’t forget to hoist the National flag on top of your roof.


Witness the Vibrant Parades and Melas

Get a car crammed with family and friends to take a ride around the city. You’ll definitely find your country all light up for the celebration of Independence Day. Also, there are many colorful parades and melas to experience the nationalistic feel. For those who are in Lahore, it is also great opportunity to witness the amazing flag ceremony at Wagah border. What could be a better trip than that!


Take Part in Some Interesting Debates/Dramas/Workshops

You can have a check on some interesting events like debates, workshops, and dramas happening as one of the gestures for celebration. Join in the community to participate and bring life to the riveting history and culture of Pakistan. There must be some skits portraying the untiring struggles of our leaders that you can also get to explore.  


Attend an Energetic Concert

In different parts of the country, there must be different energetic concerts organized to celebrate the country’s independence in style every year. You can promote the patriotism and progress of Pakistan by attending any of these rejuvenating musical events, where “Mili Naghmas’ will be blaring particularly. It’ll truly be a sight to cherish.

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