5 Not-To-Miss Picks from Eid Collection 2019

Eid is a festive occasion that holds a unique significance for all Muslims. Everyone dresses up in new clothes, collect their Eidi, and different family & friends' gatherings are arranged to enjoy tasteful feasts. After a soulful month of fasting in Ramazan, Eid is a reward by the Almighty.

The most important part of Eid every year is “Shopping.” And when you are on it, the list goes on and on and so on. There is no certain way as such that may save your budget. Obviously you can’t just buy it for yourself only, there are also family and friends to look gifts for. Where it is fun roaming around markets during the season, it sometimes prolong till the last day. To avoid that hassle, here we have made some picks from Eid Collection 2019 to help you get sorted before time.   

  • Clothing

It is the foremost thing that you look forward to. In case of unstitched fabric, things must be processed a little earlier for the tailor may also take his time. And if it is more than a dress, expect him more time. So make it a quick move. Or else, if it is a pret wear, we’d suggest to make a shift and go shopping earlier to avoid the rush. This way, you’ll also be able to get hands on trendy outfits before they run out. Men, women, and kids, you can find variety of clothing for everyone online.

Online Eid Shopping


  • Shoes

Eid collection 2019 comes with variety of stylish and fashion footwear of all ages. For men, it is essential to grab some slippers or peshawari sandals so they may wear it with shalwar kameez while going to offer Eid prayer. And if you have little boys to follow in the family, get them some comfy sandals or slippers too. This way, they’ll learn to be on your footsteps joyfully.

Eid is a festival that completes with women’s and girls’ shopping. Colorful clothes, matching bangles and shoes, nothing should make an exception. Once you are done with clothes, add some fancy slippers and sandals to your cart. Explore through and find your favorite item before it ends.

Online Eid Shoes Shopping


  • Jewellery

As mentioned above, women need to shop for all items in their list and, jewellery is one at the top. Get hands on some fancy bangles, ear rings, and a finger ring to accessorize minimal. For little girls, there are cute fancy locket sets to match with their outfit. Also, if your girl is wearing a ballerina frock, get her some hair accessories too. It’ll add an element to the look and she’ll also like it. Prep for the Eid celebrations by now!

Online Eid Jewellery Shopping


  • Handbags, Wallets, Clutches, Etc.

Oh, how we can miss this. After Eidi collection, you need it to keep in a safe place. For this, it is important that we have a purse or wallet that fully meets the need. And when you are all dressed up, remember to hold a new and fancy clutch that adds compliment. But if you want to go a bit simple, you can also explore through the women’s handbags collection and find something of your taste. It isn’t just that, there are also wallets for men that’ll embrace their personality. 

Online Eid Handbags Shopping


  • Cosmetics

It is a festive occasion celebrated all across the nation; hence different cosmetic deals are made available in the market. If you haven’t taken advantage of this golden opportunity, what have you done then? Make sure to add all necessary products to your vanity box. Makeup, skincare, hair care, and many more products are available at wholesale prices on our website. If you want to explore, here is the time.

Online Eid Makeups shopping


Keep on visiting our website and find the latest Eid Collection 2019 at the comfort of your home.

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