5 Fragrances to Buy Under Rs.5000 in Pakistan

While you are shopping for fragrances, it is quite hard to choose one (especially when you are a newbie). Hence, it is essential to be specified beforehand. It saves your time for the selection of fragrance notes. First off, you need to consider the fact that perfumes are one of the luxury products available in the market, which is why, they cost an arm and a leg most of the times. Plus, the multiple options make the selection even more difficult. So, we have shared some quick picks that are good to leave a lasting impression without burning a hole in your pocket. Have a look at them below:

  1. Wasim Akram 414 by J.

In collaboration with J., this perfume is specifically designed for young, ambitious, and daring men. If you are the kind of person who is confident in his personality, it is your cherry on top. It adds a vibrant and rich element to your overall look. The basic purpose of men’s perfumes is to exude the masculine sensuality in a polished way, and this perfumes does so perfectly.

  1. Burberry brit for Men

This fragrance is known for its impressively blended nature. Also, the scent has some unusual features like aromatic, powdery, and cozy element that works impeccably for men. However the description of cologne says it is for men, there are a lot of women who also use it. Above all, the beautiful design of bottle is eye-catching.

  1. Dinar Arabic Perfume

It is extremely popular for its soft and sensual scent. If you want to embody a unique style and good living, Dinar is one of the elegant and oriental fragrances to go for. It tends to compose a powerful combination of sensual and captivating harmonies that the wearer never goes unnoticed.  

  1. Escada Magnetism

If you are looking for women’s perfumes in your budget, escada magnetism is one classy fragrance that lasts for a long period of time (for almost 6 – 7 hours).  When you are heading out for a special occasion in the evening, it adds a perfect hint of pleasure that delights you. The regular users know the fact very well that the fragrance results into turning heads wherever they go.

  1. Calvin Klein One

The perfume comes in flask-shaped bottle. If you are looking for a natural, pure, and contemporary scent, it is the one that has garnered a lot of fans. Since it is a unisex perfume, men and women both can use it. There are no limitations. The smell is quite intense and lasts longer, which is also apt for office or college days.


It is really important to win people’s hearts wherever you go. So when you are about to make an appearance at some event, make sure to wear a good fragrance. It depicts the fact that how considerate you are of your personal character and hygiene. If we talk other than the details mentioned above, the list of perfumes are never going to break your bank. Here we advise you go online shopping in Pakistan so everything just stays in the budget.

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