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    Chase Value Centre is up close with all the women’s apparel needs, ranging from a variety of tee shirts, hoodies, trendy Kurtis and shalwar suits for just the season. Have them paired with our skinny jeans and printed tights in a vibrant tone collection that we offer at reasonable prices. Secure your purchases with CVC for experience in easy online shopping, with convenient home delivery facilities. Visit any branch for a shopping spree in women’s apparels among the new arrivals, nightwear, and undergarments. From embroidered kurtas and ladies suits to lively colored fabrics in comforting materials in all the suitable costs.

    With CVC, get your hold on to comfortable fabrics and women’s apparels in the thread and Resham embroidered cotton three-piece suits with chiffon dupatta and cotton lawn separate kurtas, with enchanting colors of spring, detailed neckline, gota work and heavy hemline. Plus, we’re also offering vibrant colored woolen hoodie in zippers as well as button down style among the winter wear.

  • Fabric

    A woman’s closet is expected to be all about vibrant colors, captivating digital prints, and enchanting embroideries. Be it formal outfits, casual attire or the details, women are all about colors and art. Speaking of details, nothing excites the ladies any less. The “Desi Attire” is a super diverse platform for all the trends; the hemline, yoke, creativity with panels, details, and the sleeves! There comes a time when the designers chose to ditch the sleeves as keeping them plain, but then there comes a time when masterpieces are like a piece of cake for the designers. We’re seeing that the stroke of genius is here. Chase Value Centre brings you the biggest Women Fabrics range ever! From the evergreen embroidered collection to super-chic lawn fabric, we’ve got you covered!

  • Shoes

    Women can never have enough shoes, period. That is why Chase Value Centre brings out a myriad collection of women’s shoes at their online store. Giving you a wide range of women’s shoes, pumps, slippers, sandals, and accessories easily within the best price range. And now all these quality things are available at the tap of your finger. Look smoking hot in those pumps and stilettoes. Go glam and edgy in glamor boots. Waft through the bazaars in those breezy slippers or ballet flats. You will never stock enough on these fashion sandals and there is no color nor any occasion that doesn’t look perfect with wedges on your feet. Find the right fit and the perfect color to match your dress while browsing at our women’s shoe department. Browse through the whole collection online at chasevaluecentre.com.

  • Womens Handbags

    Handbags are the important fashion investment with every outfit for which there is no any ‘NO’ ever and they are totally capable either of building or breaking your whole look. It is still an inevitability of woman’s wardrobe and we tend to be lenient when it comes to splurging on a new purse because it’s almost impossible to think of a reason not to! The purpose of handbags has been changed, regardless of using for just carrying, handbags are now symbolized as class, urbanity, and sophistication. It does not really matter that how many bags you have. Maybe you have some classical branded elegant one but no boundaries, you can ever befall for even a little clutch. The trend of creativity for this is overwhelming in the whole industry from manufacturer to display a little more better you find on every step. We can expect to see a lot of statement handbags in the upcoming months. But you need to be careful while choosing the bag according to your desired theme and outfit, here you can get a large variety with latest brands and trendy eye-catching colors and over the top quality of bags to slay everyone with your style.

  • Undergraments

    What women want is a question that’s been there, haunting the hell out of the mankind. But the answer lies in the most ignored and skeptical concept. That all women want is nice and perfect fit, with the divine comfort of inner garments. An event could be your worst or great experience based on the self-confidence you gain from your clothing contentment. The phrase,” give a lady her perfect size and watch her conquering the world for good” is not only about shoes. With all due needs and measure, chase value centre brings you a whole range of Ladies undergarments with complete sizes and comfort. No complaining of size issues, no low-quality local wear. Get the best at the better rates.

    Available in all colors and brands. And remember, we do not work with fakes and frauds. Enjoy doing pocket efficient lingerie shopping only from Chase Value Centre.

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Showing 1 - 200 of 1580 items
Showing 1 - 200 of 1580 items

Colors and fabric matter a lot if you want to survive in any season as a well-presented person. Most of us hate summers, some keep grudges with winters, and the reasons are quite honest to do so. Sweaty clothes, fuzzy vision, thirsty throats, sun burns and going black most of the times is how non-summer people define summers. What about winter? Each one of us is dreading those super-thin lawn suits in summers!

If the ultimate goal is to survive the heat while maintaining your style, or bearing the cold breezes by choosing the right fabric and color definitely, then you have come to the right place. Try to explore neutral shades of blue, white or green. Don’t go for bold colors in summers. Stay covered but avoid tight covering. Update your summer wardrobe with these fabrics to feel cool, stylish and trendy. Do some reverse engineering in winters and get yourself some dark colors to keep yourself warm all the time. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you! At Chase Value Centre, we have the biggest collection of Ladies Fabric with such affordable price ranges that the shopaholic inside you is going to celebrate a little!