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    Buy Online Battery Operated Toys in Pakistan at Wholesale prices like Remote Control Car and Helicopter learning and educational computers.
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    According to research by Parenting Science, non-battery operated toys give children the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills at a young age.
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    Swimming is a healthy activity that can be started at a young age and be continued for a lifetime. However, no sport is complete without the right gear and accessories. With training equipment from Chase Value Centre, your little one can enhance his entire swimming experience. Buy a swimsuit he’s comfortable in, be it a one-piece or a two-piece. Whether it's a training session in the pool or a trip to the beach, Chase Value Centre has got swimsuits for every occasion. Swim Vest can keep your kids easily float in the water. The air pump available at our store can be helpful for infiltrating your kid’s pool boxes and swim rings. Goggles should be a snug fit so that the water does not leak into the eyes. Swimming caps are meant to protect your hair from chlorine in swimming pools, and also keep hair out of the face.

Showing 1 - 150 of 150 items
Showing 1 - 150 of 150 items

The early years of childhood are the most crucial that contributes to the child’s overall development - physical as well as cognitive. There's no better way to stimulate imagination and encourage a child to develop various skills and abilities than with toys. Buy Cute Soft Toys in Various Shapes on Chase Value Centre. If you do not have a pet at home, soft toys make great alternatives as soft toys represent living things. Soft toys on Chase Value Centre are available in various animal shapes and kid's favorite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, Tom, and Jerry etc. With these lifelike toys, your kid is surely going to enjoy playing with his or her new friend. Soft toys give your kids the opportunity to create situations on their own and help them ideate. Look for games such as those which improve your kid’s motor skills, finger and hand skills, and those which require some kind of skill to play.