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  • Men's Ties

    Want to look special on formal occasions? Wear a tie. Ties are must-have accessories for men. Chase Value Center offers you a wide variety of men’s ties that are meant for both formal and casual occasions. Our broad range of contemporary and classic men’s ties are all that you will ever need to put together the perfect outfit. Whether you’re looking for a plain tie, striped tie, silk tie, designer tie, skinny tie, novelty tie or bow tie, you can choose from the enormous range of latest designs in men’s tie from Chase Value Centre. Our sophisticated silk ties are perfect for formal occasions like weddings, parties, and corporate dinners. Then we have fashionable skinny ties that come with extra-long fronts and elegant designs, which gives you that rock and roll look. We also have slim ties which are excellent options for those looking for something trendy. They come in a variety of colors like black, gold, grey, khaki, brown, ghost-white, navy and a lot more. Crafted with the finest quality fabrics, our men’s ties make a great gift for your loved ones.

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  • Mens Cufflinks

    Every now and then, it’s important to do something different with your daily attire.  If you’ve run out of ideas, give cufflinks a run for your money.  Why might you ask? Because when done correctly, they can be just the finishing touch you need to top off your look.  For those of you that don’t know, cufflinks are these nifty little things that replace buttons on a dress shirt and are traditionally worn with French cuffs.  These funky accouterments date back to the early 1900’s, but will still provide a boost of modern and unexpected flair to those cuffs of yours. Cufflinks might be traditionally associated with men’s semi-formal evening wear (the tuxedo ensemble), but the versatile little fasteners can fill a surprising range of wardrobe roles.

    At Chase Value Centre we have the best Cufflink category and we take pride in serving our customers with the finest quality out there. Even if you are looking for Luxury Cufflinks or Party Cufflinks then Chase Value Centre is your one stop for buying all sorts of Cufflinks! Our huge collection of Cufflinks is sure to blow you off the ground! Our diversified range of Cufflinks has every type of cufflink that one would want for any annual dinner, party, wedding, corporate meeting, convocation, formal meetup, or even corporate events. 

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Showing 1 - 187 of 187 items
Showing 1 - 187 of 187 items

Want to highlight your attire with style elements? Explore the widest collection of accessories for men on Chase Value Centre. While a bright colored tie can perk up a business-ready semblance, a season-appropriate cap or hat can spruce up everyday clothing. Add a dose of versatility to your outfits around the year with our collection of men’s accessories. Whether you’re a lady who’s looking for some special anniversary gifts for her husband or a man looking to pick some add-ons for himself, Chase Value Centre is the perfect place to find fabulous men’s accessories. Browse through our collection on Ties, Caps, Socks, and wallets to enhance your fashion quotient! No matter how good your clothing is, plainly getting into your attire is just not enough to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it is also recommended to accessorize your wardrobe with accessories that you can show off and stand out in a crowd.