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Whether you’re hopping onto your friend’s bike for a quick ride to the nearby coffee shop, attending university, walking in a park, or spending the day shopping, sandals and slippers will be your best bet for comfortable and happy feet. At Chase Value Centre, you will find a colossal range of sandals and slippers suitable for different age groups and tastes. Choose from various brands, best prices, and exclusive deals. Sandals and Floaters are an open type of footwear, suitable for outdoor purposes. The main feature that separates sandals and slippers from other types of footwear is that a sandal or slipper exposes the skin of most of the upper part of the foot, especially the toes. Sandals and slippers are usually worn by people in warm and hot regions, as it helps to keep the feet cool and dry with sufficient air circulation. Certain kinds of foot infections can also be avoided by wearing sandals or floaters.