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  • Men's Formal Shoes

    While the primary job of a pair of shoes is to protect your feet, the other part would be to make them look good. With the vast collection of footwear available for online shoe shopping, selecting a pair of shoes that suit your requirements becomes important, especially in terms of the occasions for which you use those shoes.  Formal shoes, as opposed to semi-formal or casual shoes, send out a no-nonsense signal with their sharp and sophisticated appearance. They are appropriate for those situations where you simply have to be the best you can. The lace-up variety of formal shoes, on the other hand, are suitable for those who prefer comfort and stability over ease of use. These shoes, once tied firmly, project a reserved look that means business. These shoes either have curved endings or pointed endings. While the curved endings give you a slightly easy-going appearance, the shoes with the pointed endings give out a sharp, contrasting look. If you want to buy shoes online, the collection of men’s formal shoes at Chase Value Centre can help fulfill your needs.

  • Men's Casual Shoes

    When shoes speak a lot about your style, you need to be conscious about the shoes you pick. Casual shoes come in different designs and kinds and can never let you down on any occasion. Let your feet talk about your personality and shop for comfortable men’s casual shoes online at Casual shoes are famous for being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Available at Chase Value Centre are wide varieties of casual shoes like sneakers, boat shoes, loafers, espadrille flats, and moccasins. Pick from the different types of closures like lace-up, buckle, Velcro and others. If you like your casual shoes to be easy-to-wear, then go for the shoes with Velcro and slip-on closures. Depending on your level of comfort, select the right casual shoes. Add a dash of color to your style with the range of casual shoes for men, available in a variety of colors like brown, black, white, blue and more. Choose from the list of varied materials like canvas, leather, synthetic, rubber, denim and others. Avail feasible payment options including cash on delivery and money back guarantee.

  • Men's Slippers and...

    Whether you’re hopping onto your friend’s bike for a quick ride to the nearby coffee shop, attending university, walking in a park, or spending the day shopping, sandals and slippers will be your best bet for comfortable and happy feet. At Chase Value Centre, you will find a colossal range of sandals and slippers suitable for different age groups and tastes. Choose from various brands, best prices, and exclusive deals. Sandals and Floaters are an open type of footwear, suitable for outdoor purposes. The main feature that separates sandals and slippers from other types of footwear is that a sandal or slipper exposes the skin of most of the upper part of the foot, especially the toes. Sandals and slippers are usually worn by people in warm and hot regions, as it helps to keep the feet cool and dry with sufficient air circulation. Certain kinds of foot infections can also be avoided by wearing sandals or floaters.

Showing 1 - 183 of 183 items
Showing 1 - 183 of 183 items

“Judge a man by his shoes,” they say, and rightly so. The shoe a man wears reflect his personality and style. That is why men’s shoe department at is geared up just to finding the right pair to suit you and the occasion. Chase Value Centre is the gateway to the latest fashion trends as well as the classic charms in men’s shoes. So if you are looking to walk your sharpest formal best, we have just that thing for you. At formal occasions or trousers for the workplace, choose men’s shoes in dark colors. The one pair that your closet must have is a black one with laces. Chase Value Centre’s shoe store is online shoe shopping made simple. Our online shoe shopping experience includes an incredible selection of women's shoes, men's shoes, girls' shoes, boys' shoes and shoe accessories. You can easily satisfy your every shoe need.