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While the primary job of a pair of shoes is to protect your feet, the other part would be to make them look good. With the vast collection of footwear available for online shoe shopping, selecting a pair of shoes that suit your requirements becomes important, especially in terms of the occasions for which you use those shoes.  Formal shoes, as opposed to semi-formal or casual shoes, send out a no-nonsense signal with their sharp and sophisticated appearance. They are appropriate for those situations where you simply have to be the best you can. The lace-up variety of formal shoes, on the other hand, are suitable for those who prefer comfort and stability over ease of use. These shoes, once tied firmly, project a reserved look that means business. These shoes either have curved endings or pointed endings. While the curved endings give you a slightly easy-going appearance, the shoes with the pointed endings give out a sharp, contrasting look. If you want to buy shoes online, the collection of men’s formal shoes at Chase Value Centre can help fulfill your needs.