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  • Door Mats
  • Bed and Bath

    Bed and bath is an essential part of every house that concerns with the sanity and style of your home and is need of everyone in the house. Not only personally but overall it represents a good or bad impression of your styling and neatness. A bed with creaseless sheets and stuffed pillow is worth to see than a messy one. Your bedroom represents a more good value with proper arrangements on your bed and tidiness in your bathroom. A neat and clean room with a proper bed along with nicely arranged, clean bathroom with towels, soaps, and others with refreshing fragrances are really relaxing to imagine. Chase value centre is giving you the best of quality and everything in bed and bath for a perfect look of your personal side in pocket-friendly amount at one click on their web store.

  • Crockery and Kitchenware

    A home is just a house if it does not have some important things, among these an essential and most important thing without which we imagine any home absolutely incomplete is crockery, and there is no home without this. Crockeries expresses the style, nobility, and culture, your family background Moreover it has a vital influence on the determination of your taste, passion, and love for the meal time that represents food is not just a basic need for you. Along with this, kitchenware is here to ease your life and cooking style and they both in a combination highlights your respect for the food. Crockery styles your daily life in a better way that let you feel the dining time beautifully and symbolizes the sophistication and class, from which you cannot deny. Get the best quality and beautiful range of crockery and kitchenware online here at Chase Value Centre web store to make your home more precise in elegance.

  • Wall Clocks

    “Home Sweet Home!” everyone wants a perfect and dreamed house which simply should be more than beautiful, above the imaginations. You are passionate about your home and manage your best to design interior accurately and always want to bring out the outrageous and beyond the charming sides of the home. Your walls’ look is not just limited for “to look” it really should let you feel the beauty of your house from its color to the decorative pieces over this. The clock is an essential piece of home décor that determines the worth of your drawing room chiefly. From grandpa’s classic clock till modern designer wall clocks, they symbolize taste and sophistication. The dilemma has never been more enticing and colorful without the fantastic and affordable range of clocks at Chase value centre. An amazing collection of clocks that accents your living room in charming, sophisticated and ways, as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and a myriad of designs with fine making and high quality.

  • Air Fresheners

    Everyone loves to be comfortable and feel good at home, for which a nice and fresh environment is vital. You wouldn’t want to be the one who's room or house is always messy or smelly? A home fragrance no only creates a freshness in the air but also affects the mood and health of a family. It helps to reduce stress, brighten up the mood, improve concentration, calms you and what else if the room has a nice and fresh fragrance, the changes to fall asleep quickly are even higher. Bring some light to your air by buying the home fragrance of your favorite scent from Chase Value Centre online. Live with the fragrances, by selecting the room sprays of different natural and fresh scents like strawberry, vanilla, roses, lavenders and much more to freshen up a musty or stale room. Surprise your guests with the spring-like fresh air in your house and make an impression that lasts forever.

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Showing 1 - 200 of 537 items
Showing 1 - 200 of 537 items

Just a little good sense and creativity, and you can design your house beautifully as per your own taste. It is too delightful to imagine a painted and textured walls with adjusted props and neat and symmetrical equipped arrangement of furniture and others, here is your beautiful home. But the best part is you do not need to spend many thousands on the interior designer or on ornaments. You also do not need to be dependent on others to get your this dream. Similarly, there is no need to spend a lot of your time to find quality, branded and expensive ornamental pieces to decorate your room. You can find a big range to make your home lavish on just one tap by online shopping across Pakistan at Chase Value Centre. Get latest and quality home and décor goods from furniture to wall art within a pocket-friendly range.