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People love to look good and feel happy when appreciated. And that’s just the part of human nature and culture. No matter, how much you deny the fact that looks don’t matter, or one can’t be judged by the clothes he or she wears but the fact is straight. We all take our time to think what to wear before leaving for work in the morning or attending a dinner at night. The way we dress communicates on behalf of us. Our outfit is mostly the first announcement of our personality to the world. This does not mean that you have to judge a person by the designer dress he or she is wearing. It is the general rule of nonverbal communication which you can’t control. You can’t govern how others observe or understand your actions. For a perfect dress you need a quality fabric too, which can feature all the specifications of the perfect dress, for this ESHAL LAWN COLLECTION by MEHBOOB TEXTILE is here to give you the best.