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Genius Nicer Dicer Plus 10 Pcs - Green


Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

One step Precision Cutting

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Genius Nice Dicer Plus has been brought to minimize all your chopping hassles in kitchen. From precise chopping to dicing, and even slicing different food items, it is a very efficient device. Following are the benefits of having it on your kitchen counter.
• Whether veggies, fruits, or cheese, you can use various blade options to enjoy a lot of shapes and sizes.
• It makes chopping as easy as a blink of an eye.
• If you shop online in Pakistan, Nicer Dicer Plus Price is quite reasonable to afford – which is a big bonus.

This 10Pcs Set Includes:
1: Cutting-top with integrated pin grid
2: Cutting-base
3:Tranparent Collector (capacity 1,500ml)
4: Cover for holding a fresh collection container
5: Blade Assembly (6mmx6mm or 12mmx12mm)
6: Blade assembly (6mmx36mm or 18mmx18mm)
7: Knife Used for quarters or eight
8: Plug-cutting punch for eight
9: Part-cover for all blade inserts
10: Professional peeler

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