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    Buy the Best Perfumes in Pakistan for Your Appealing Personality

    Fragrances have an eternal power to attract people to an extent – whether it is from flowers or a sensual perfume. When you use a scent on the regular basis, it becomes your signature fragrance. And whenever someone smells it, it reminds them of you. So now, it is quite clear that the sheer essence of perfumes build an everlasting impact on people around you.

    A Guide to Successful Perfumes Online Shopping     

    Since you have planned to shop online, there are some important things that you must know to make your online shopping experience a delightful one. For instance, fragrances are made of different scent notes, which interact with each other and eventually fall into one of the following categories:

    Top notes: These are distinct and very sharp. It has a potential to be smelled immediately and last up to an hour after application.

    Heart notes: These are the most noticeable and characteristic ones. They are a little mellower than those discussed above with a potency of lasting from four to six hours.

    Base notes: Amber, vanilla, and musk are a few examples of the base notes. They are often warm and quite sensual to last for many hours once the fragrance is applied.

    Since you have decided to buy fragrances online in Pakistan, there are some other things that you must take into account concerning the intensity of what you choose.

    Perfume: With 20-30% essential oils, these are the most intensive fragrances to last up to 8 hours.

    Eau de Parfum: With 15-20% of aromatic compound, these are less concentrated. You can wear them casually.

    Eau de Toilette: The intensity level of fragrant oils is 5-15%, which is less as compared to eau de parfum. It is often used in fragrances for men.

    Eau de Cologne: With 2-4% of oil, it is one of the mildest fragrances that are commonly used.

    Now that you are quite enlightened, it would have been quite easier to buy original perfumes in Pakistan., one of the popular e-commerce websites, features a variety of perfumes for both men and women. We cater to our customers all over the country. So, head out and enjoy an exceptional experience of online shopping today.

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  • Makeup Products

    Makeup Products Online in Pakistan: Transform Yourself into a Gorgeous Diva

    It never goes wrong saying that women feel very good while indulging in makeup. By taking it into focus, a lot of cosmetics and beauty products are made available online in Pakistan. Now, women explore whatever they want and pick the items to best suit their needs. From lipsticks to eyeliners, foundations, nail polish, mascara, blush kit, contour, highlighter, and what not. A variety of women’s makeup is featured online. Now they barely have to find their favorite product, and it is delivered to their doorstep. Just like that.

    Enjoy a Stunning Makeover with the Beauty and Makeup Products Online

    With passing time over the years, there coms some refreshing trends in the makeup industry. While some are only limited to the fashion industry, a few minimalist looks become girls’ favorites. And since they love experimenting, they try wearing it in their own unique style. After all, nothing is a better confidence-booster than makeup.

    Lipsticks are the must-haves of all girls’ vanity. It is like as if you haven’t used anything, but a lipstick – you are ready to go. Another failsafe trend that never goes out of the fashion is, glossy lips. A chic look can be attained wearing it with the combination of shimmery eye shadow. 

    It must not be forgotten that when it comes to makeup trends, color plays a vital role. Hence, numerous trendy hues from bold to very cool ones are available here. Apart from that, an unconventional to minimal stroke bar, dramatic smoky eyes, glitters, and much more makes it possible to create different looks in accordance with the occasions. Apart from that, you can buy many make up products for natural-looking, healthy and clear skin. Foundation, BB cream, color concealer kit, and primer, these are a few products that become an element of your natural no-makeup look.

    Enjoy an Exceptional Online Shopping Experience with

    High quality women’s makeup at affordable prices is hard to find. But, has featured a bunch of products to keep your makeover game soaring. Now, we have given the facilitation of online shopping for makeup frenzies to get delivered everything to their doorstep.

    Shop online and spot the trendiest look to slay today.

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  • Toiletries

    Buy Toiletries Products Online in Pakistan at

    Developing a clean and well-maintained lifestyle is essential for everyone. For which, it is also necessary to use some high quality products as health cannot be compromised at any cost. For many, good oral health is of topmost priority. And hence we have an assortment of toiletries products available. Soaps, air fresheners, shampoo, and bath sponges are a few to name and mention here.

    Affordable Toiletries Online Shopping

    Taking care of yourself and the family is not a very easy task, especially when you are pretty occupied. So, it’s better finding toiletries online.  No matter what you want, everything is available at competitive prices. Despite the age or gender, we have bulk quantity of products to satisfy the hygiene needs of everyone. We understand the fact that many people don’t consider buying toiletries online, but there are some really amazing deals available here. You can have a look to explore. Following are some basic items that must be taken into account when it comes to health:

    Hand Wash: It should be of foremost important when it comes to your personal hygiene routine. Since you keep on touching different surfaces throughout the day, make sure to clean your hands from pesky germs that may cause future illness.

    Shampoo: It is the product used for a hair wash. You can also use a good conditioner for the better health and shine of your hair after shampoo.

    Soaps: do take bath twice a day. During bath, a soap is primarily used to kill harmful bacteria and germs of your body. And eventually, you feel fresh. Brings Cheap Toiletries Products in Pakistan

    While shopping online, you find a wide range of products to indulge in (that you get to know on visiting our website by yourself). All the toiletries products make you save money to a great extent. So go online shopping and save as much as you want. We deliver nationwide and hence there is no drawback from this side as well.

  • Body Spray and Sticks

    Buy Body Spray Online and Stay Fresh Whole Day

    A person’s scent is the most important factor which is remembered by people around him. No matter how well dressed you are, if you don’t smell good, it’ll leave a not-so-good impression on people. In scenarios, when you are interacting with people, they take an impression of your fashion sense with a great smell rather than an outfit. Hence, it is advised to upgrade it by choosing a pleasant fragrance online.

    Reignite Freshness to Switch Your Mood

    Similarly clothes and shoes, you can pick out a body spray online. Here we are giving a brief to help you make a right selection of fragrances for body sprays. 

    Looking for women’s body spray online? There is a huge range of musky, aquatic, and sporty fragrances featured here. For evenings, musk is perfectly an ideal scent while others make you smell and feel fresh throughout the day.

    Other way, the same fragrances are also available in the category of men’s body spray online. Whether it’s daytime or high summer, aquatic fragrances are perfect to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing lifestyle. In addition, sporty fragrances are very easy to identify as there are already some premium brands available at affordable rates.

    Deodorants sticks with their anti-perspiring properties kill bacteria as well as keep the sweat away. Mainly, it is applied on underarms to reduce body odor.

    Hop Over To Chasevaluecentre.Com and Find an Enticing Fragrance Online

    Again, don’t take it as if smelling good would only be suffice enough. You have to work for an overall look. Make some effort to dress up in a clean and subtle way to leave a lasting impression. If you are heading out to meet your friends, pick a pair of jeans with your favorite shirt that you can shop online from affordably. Whether it is casual or formal wear, ensure to stay in style always and never leave home without using a body spray of your signature fragrance.  

    Have a look at our online collection and place your order now. It’ll save you a lot of time and struggle of walking around a mall or store. All the items will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

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  • Sanitary and Baby Care...

    Infantry is a fresh and amazing time of life. Those of us who are parents or work with children will appreciate the fast growth that happens during the child's most early years. But as fantasying it can be, it also comes with great responsibilities of infant care. To feed them on right time, changing diapers, toilet training, taking care of newborn’s sanitation and taking the sufficient safety measures are some of the routine tasks in infant care. And interestingly these tasks are not even scheduled, you must do them as needed. Be prepared with all the baby care products so that you can manage your routine tasks with your baby conveniently. Now at Chase Value Centre, you can buy all these sanitary and infant care products online including baby grooming, bathing, baby wipes, skin care, baby diapers and much more. Shop online for your monthly storage of women sanitary products and infant care products on

  • Makeup Tools and...

    Buy Makeup Tools & Accessories Online in Pakistan

    There are a variety of beauty products in a womens makeup arsenal that they’d have made an impulsive buy. Right after the purchase of this sort of products, it leaves them buyer clueless as what to do with it. Looking at the glamorous world of celebrities where their makeup is always on fleek, we also try to use our hands and apply our favorite products like a pro. And this is only possible when we are using right tools and accessories.

    A complete range of makeup accessories is available online. All products are so good at what they are made for that you’ll definitely be impressed with their efficacy. Go get your makeup brushes, facial puff, blending sponge, beauty blender, or whatever is needed before they go out of stock.

    Tools for Seamless Application of Makeup

    Girls keep on trying to get better with their makeup techniques every day. This is something that inspires them to look for professional makeup tools in Pakistan. While you are shopping online, here is a quick breakthrough of what can be found with

    • From foundation to contour, conceal, lip fill, blush, and even blend, a huge range of makeup brushes for all purposes come in set as well as separately. Go through the latest collection and place an online order for them pronto.
    • In same category, there lies a variety of face powder puffs and sponges that are extremely soft and work very gently on your skin. Plus, beauty blender is another kind of sponge trending these days. You can go for it and get better with your blending game.
    • The most important factor that mustn’t be ignored with makeup is, hygiene. One must keep their brushes clean by washing them often with an “Antibacterial Brush Shampoo,” which is also available here online.

    Extremely Affordable Makeup Tools and Accessories Online gives you an opportunity to glam up with gorgeous hair and makeup without breaking the bank. Just get to know about how to apply what in the right way and transform yourself into supermodel look within no time. Do not miss out on the exciting makeup accessories online. Here, you’ll find the most affordable prices like no other.

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  • Womens Hair Styling...

    Hair styling tools online – Get Your Perfect Hair Style

    Women always want to flaunt their hair in different styles. Curls, hair-bun, ponytail, straight, or anything else, you can go for any hair-do you want. All you need to do is look for excellent hair styling tools online. Hair straightener, hair dryer, hair clipper, and hair curler are a few options that are available here. You can achieve your dream hair-do with the help of best and affordable hair styling tools in Pakistan.

    Using Women’s Hair Styling Tools the Right Way

    • Most commonly, a flat iron is used for hair straightening, for which, some basic tricks must be considered. First off, you should de-tangle your hair to get the perfect results. It helps in getting the right shape which holds it for long. Plus, make sure that you are taking a one-inch section at a time as the frizz is reduced to a large extent.
    • Everyone wants to make their hair curls last long. But for which, you need to master certain tips that’ll give a beautiful, flawless, and bouncy look to your hair. Above of all, an investment in the best quality curling wand is the most important. You’ll be able to get celebrity-like appearance in just a few minutes.
    • Hair dryer is a kind of tool that helps in adding a wooing element to your personality. Whether man or woman, anyone can use it for hair styling. Make sure to check the specification of what you are up to buy online. For blow-dry, it is advised to look for a hair dryer features multiple heats and air settings.

    In Pakistan, women’s hair straightener is one of the most common tool to shop online. And since customers have put their trust in online shopping, it’s been quite essential to meet their standards.  

    Buy Hair Styling Tools in Pakistan has outstood all in the realm of online shopping. While looking for hair styling tools, you can also get your hands on hair accessories online. As prices are so pocket-friendly, you never have to break the bank for a hair styling tool in Pakistan.

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  • Hair Care Products

    Get Beautiful Hair with Great Choice of Hair Care Products in Pakistan

    Everyone has different sort of tastes when it comes to outfit, but hair is something that enhances our features in a complementary way. This is why, we aim to achieve a lustrous hair look in any way possible. Be it natural products or some beauty routines, reaching hair goals is the main thing. It goes without saying that traditional hair care methods were quite effective, but in such fast paced world, no one has enough time to splurge in these occupying activities. Thankfully, a range of some effortless brands have come forward with effective and healthy hair care solutions.  

    Wash Hair with Regular Intervals

    It is necessary to keep your hair and scalp clean all the time. Like every other part of body, cleanliness has a major role in your hair growth. Fix certain days of the week for hair wash, and stick to them with discipline.

    Depending on your hair type, choose a right shampoo and conditioner. Also, you can go for a pre-wash oil treatment to fix numerous hair problems. Or elsewise, there are many oil-induced hair treatment products available online.

    Nourishment and Style Hand-in-Hand

    As mentioned earlier, healthy hair come with regular care, you need to nourish your hair and scalp with professional hair care products more often. Visit, where you can find what exactly your hair want. Anti-hairfall to moisturizing, anti-dandruff, color care, and many more options for shampoo are featured here.

    Other than that, if you love doing fun experiments, there is a variety of hair color made accessible to attain the most desired preppy look. Particularly, women’s hair care products are extensively made available online.

    The Most Affordable Prices for Hair Care Products in Pakistan

    Achieve ravishing long locks, beautiful bounce, and admiring hairstyles by adding glamor to your hair. Here, we have not only catered to women, but natural hair products for men are also available at your service.

    Kick off pampering yourself by placing order online now. You won’t have to pay hefty prices while getting it delivered to your doorstep.

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  • Eminent
  • Skin Care

    Enhance your Beauty with Right Skin Care Products Online in Pakistan

    Skin care is the cornerstone that enhances your beauty. A lot of people already know that the indulgence of skin care is of high importance. They prefer using some essential oils, herbs, milk, etc. to create natural home remedies and enhance their skin. In addition, a huge stack of skin care products have also been designed for different skin types and make a revolution.

    A Wide Array of Skin Care Products

    When you are searching for the best products of its kind, don’t miss out on the amazing products online. From face wash to scrub, sheet mask, soothing lotion, wax, and what not, we have featured a wide range of beauty products to help you gain a beautiful and glowing skin.   

    It goes without saying that investing in quality products make you achieve the desired results. So here, we have featured some outstanding skin care products, that along with helping on skin related issues go easy on the budget as well. The first thing that makes an impression on meeting someone, is your face. Hence, skin care is not one of the fancy indulgences, but a lot more than that. It is all about taking good care of your skin to make it look healthy.

    Essential products that everyone must have

    Whether it is a woman or man, skin care equally matters for all. Therefore, we have featured a whole lot for women’s skin care products as well as men’s skin care products. What you can shop online is described briefly here:

    1. A face wash and cleanser is undoubtedly the leading must-have. As they help in removing makeup, excess oil, oil-soluble impurities, and other face dirt, it is worthy of investing in quality products for your skin care.
    2. A very good moisturizer follows up next. People with dry skin must have one moisturizer with them all the time. On the other hand, if you have an oily skin, prefer choosing a gel-like moisturizer, but better keep your skin hydrated for its health.
    3. Don’t step out without applying sunblock or sunscreen ever. Otherwise, brown spots, age spots, and prematurely aged skin may appear before time.
    4. Lastly, we would also suggest getting some lip care and under-eye gel. The dryness on lips as well as tiredness of eyes will go away this way. offers the most reasonable prices

    In Pakistan, we offer an exclusive online shopping experience to customers. The prices are extremely affordable that you don’t have to get out of the budget ever.

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  • Promotions
  • El'Lora

    El’Lora – A Beauty Brand Offering the Most Exclusive Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, and More

    In the beauty world of Pakistan, there are countless brands with their respective product lines. But when customers tend to buy them, they either have to break the bank or just left empty-handed. El’Lora is launched with a different concept of helping its customers with budget-friendly beauty products. Currently, it has come up with three skincare items. Following is the brief description for each of them:

    • El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion

    It is seen that skin moisturizers hardly come handy in Pakistan. But El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion is something different. It features four lotions with their individual properties so you can pick any as per your preferences. Plus, El’Lora offers the most affordable prices in Pakistan which allows you to reach them very easily. Perfect for normal to dry skin, El’Lora Total Moisture Body Lotion is a go-to choice for men and women, both.

    • El’Lora Aloe Vera Gel

    Formulated with 99% Aloe Vera, this soothing gel moisturizes and soothes the skin. In addition to that, it contains other multiple benefits for skin. From which, repairing sun damaged skin, dimming freckles, controlling oil, shrinking pores, and whitening skin are a few to mention. Just take an ample amount and apply on the dry skin after a basic skin care routine.

    • El’Lora Face Wash

    El’Lora Face Wash is currently available in two varieties (i) El’Lora Laser Light Whitening Face Wash (ii) El’Lora Activated Charcoal Double Action Face Wash. The core purpose of both is deep cleansing and keep skin pores free from oil, dirt, and pollution. Apply gently on the wet face and neck, massage with your fingertips (avoiding eye area), and rinse off with lukewarm water. Use regularly for effective results.

    Where and How to Buy?

    El’Lora beauty products are exclusively available on If you want to buy, just place an order online and get an instant delivery at your doorstep. Furthermore, El’Lora price in Pakistan lies in the range of Rs.99 – Rs.299 so you can look for different items at extremely reasonable rates. 

    Order now to enjoy an exceptional online shopping experience with us.

  • Saeed Ghani

    Buy Saeed Ghani Products Online in Pakistan at

    Saeed Ghani, a well-known brand in the beauty and cosmetics industry, has been garnering a phenomenal popularity for more than a century. Since all the products are made out of natural and herbal ingredients, no second-thought is bothered while going for it. Bonus: Customers are now entitled to take advantage of these quality products at a minimal price.

    Buy Saeed Ghani Shampoo Online

    In the category of hair care products, there falls a range of Saeed Ghani shampoo online. These products have been formulated considering the needs of different hair types, so you can pick one accordingly. The basic purpose of these shampoo is to protect your hair from damage causing influences of the environment and leave them clean with an extra shine.

    Buy Saeed Ghani Hair Oil Online

    Hair oil is another product range formulated from different herbs to make/keep your hair healthy, strong, and long. Not just that, but also nourish hair from head to tip very smoothly. If you are facing baldness or dandruff, Saeed Ghani hair oil is your ultimate solution. For better results, take an apt amount and apply to your hair twice a week.

    Buy Saeed Ghani Makeup Products Online

    All the products are organic and hence harmless to use on your skin. From soaps to creams, ubtan, multani mud, and many more cosmetics are featured online. You can take a plunge and explore any item(s) just made for your skin. Makes your skin look healthier, younger, and vital.

    Shop Saeed Ghani products at affordable rates has always kept its promise of offering the affordable rates. And since you are looking for Saeed Ghani products online, there is no chance you’ll be left empty-handed. Choose the right product as per your need and make sure to enjoy self-pampering during hectic schedules.

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Showing 1 - 150 of 1300 items
Showing 1 - 150 of 1300 items

Buy Cosmetic Products in Pakistan at

When you are looking for everything in your budget, here is the place to rely on. Cosmetic products are one of women’s essentials needed in their daily lives, so a new range of products are made available online. You can pick all the items to suit your budget and needs. Though there are a lot of options available to shop from, all of them are affordable.

This category consists of all the items that one may require. From makeup products to perfumes, hair care, skin care, and many more items are found. Not just that, but also we have specific promotions going on our website at times. You may also check them out.

The Widest Range Of Cosmetics Items at Unbeatable Prices

Since we have to cater a wide range of customers, it is quite tough to meet the expectations of all. But we try our best to get you all in budget-friendly prices. Here, we have lined up products from the brands like Maybelline, Loreal, Color Studio, and a lot more. You can take a plunge and shop for everything that you want.

At, all the cosmetics are provided considering the sensitivity of your skin. So there is no excuse left for adding allure to your personality. May it be a teenage or some lady with class, all of them deserve to look gorgeous. So here you’ll have an exclusive experience of cosmetics online shopping as provided with a diversified range of products. Foundation, concealer, lipsticks, fragrances, and hair styling tools are just a few items to mention.

Find the Makeup That Works

Though there are a lot of retailers offering similar products, we give you a chance to shop cosmetics and other beauty products at reasonable prices. Whether you want to wear a daily makeup look or getting ready for wedding festivities, we have got you covered for all needs.

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