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Fiber Pillow (18x28) 900gms


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The right pillow is paramount for a good night’s sleep. You want your head to be cradled in the perfect position as you nod off, and you want it to stay comfortable throughout the night. Selecting the right pillow is both an art and a science, your personal preferences will play an important factor, but so will other considerations, like the way that you sleep.

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Sleep Position:

We all have our favorite way to snuggle up for a sleep. Whether you stay flat as a board all night, curl up into fetal position, or dance through various positions throughout your slumber, your go-to sleep position should influence the pillow you pick. Not sure how you sleep? For the next few mornings, take note of what position you find yourself in when the alarm clock goes off.

Stomach Position: The key for stomach-sleepers is to find a relatively flat and soft pillow. This will prevent your head or neck from turning unnaturally to either side. Read: less awkward neck and back pain when you wake up.

Side Position: If you snooze on your side, you need to make sure that your spine stays horizontal. Your pillow can help with that. The right pillow for a side-sleeper will keep your head and neck right in line with your spine, with evenly distributed weight.

Back Position: Back-sleepers, look for a pillow that supports the upper part of your spine. You’ll want something that follows the natural curvature of your head, neck, shoulders and spine.

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